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Web Analytics

Getting the most valuable information about your business requires a structured approach to capturing, managing, and analyzing data. Caching up on technology to evaluate website efficiency and fulfilling customers’ needs and expectations are essential for your website success.

Social Media

Social media offers you the opportunity to meet real people, thereby allowing you to create real relationships with the online presence of those who are part of your business, network, or community.


As part of your web performance analysis, it is important to invest in learning how to create the information that your customer needs to consume and identify ways of reaching your customer.

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I have a business background with a banking and finance specialisation, and recently became a Google analytics certified practitioner. Becoming a part of the IT profession was a decision to widen my career prospects. I like the challenges involved in managing businesses, chasing the latest market opportunities and monitoring bond prices, as well as selling or buying intangible assets on behalf of investors.

When I became involved with technological projects, I realized the importance of technology with relation to increasing business value. I then started building requirements for web and mobile application development projects. Participating in projects from concept to completion also brought me to the SEM/SEO, Data Analytics, and social media world.

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Listening to data… Learn and Improve!


Career Facts

2010 START I have become a technology-savvy business professional with a strong focus in web analytics and web development. My background in business and finance is helping me to understand business problems and find the best possible solution. I developed my first eCommerce project, based on PHP, two years ago. Currently, I am working on a research project to study unstructured data generated by social media, and am assisting businesses in adopting Drupal as a CMS.

Web Dev Projects

FIVE projects developed using the latest web technologies HTML(5), CSS(3), PHP, MySQL(i), JavaScript, JQuery.

Drupal CMS

THREE Assisted, Developed and Maintained


72 Number of websites assisted

Business analyst

305 Hrs.

I have participated in ventures as a business analyst, liaising with stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds to understand and build a list of requirements, uml, creating use cases and user journeys

Google Tools Hrs.


Tools I love

Google Data Studio
Google Adwords Editor
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Looking for answers?

Define Problem

Standardise reports

Make fact-based decision

What happened and what can be done?

Measure the and

What options do we have?

Take action accordingly

  • Action Pick List
  • Launch a Social Media Strategy
  • Create a Search engine marketing campaign (SEM)
  • Start a Content creation strategy
  • Optimise for search engines (SEO)
  • Perform A/B Testing
  • Measure, Measure and Measure (Analytics)

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